Do I Need to Create a Flexbone Triple Option Playbook for My Players?

I get this question a lot from my clients. Honestly, a lot of coaches feel like that if they are standing still in the off-season, they are doing something wrong. So, they come up with projects, such as creating playbooks, to do something time consuming so that they don’t feel guilty. Here is the truth…

Paul Johnson stopped giving out playbooks almost 20 years ago. He found that players learn better when they draw their assignments. Also, his 2001 Georgia Southern playbook is all over the Internet. I’ve had a copy since the mid-2000s.

So there’s that…

ALLEGEDLY, Navy gave out playbooks in 2008, which was Coach Ken’s first season. I found out that a high school coach ALLEGEDLY stole one of the playbooks from one of the coaches’ offices and tried to sell the playbook on the Internet. After this – – no more playbooks at Navy. ALLEGEDLY.

You really think that kids are going to look at your playbook? I bet you most assistant coaches won’t even look at them… Video games and YouTube are just too much fun.

So, the answer is no. Have a great day and God bless. – – Dr. Cella

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