Can Youth and Middle School Programs Run the Flexbone Triple?

In one of the most asked questions I’ve had in the many years of educating coaches on the Triple Option Offense, the questions about Junior High and Feeder programs always comes into play.

“Can Junior High/Feeder Programs run the Triple Option?”

I did a football camp out in Bayfield, Colorado two years ago.  Their 2nd grade coach was at the camp.  He indicates that he runs the Triple Option with the 2nd grade team.   Yes, and I’ll put it in bold print again– the 2nd grade team!

In Prospect, Connecticut, I did a Triple Option Football Academy Camp with the Woodland Junior Hawk youth program lead by Coach John Blesse.  They won their first game of the season running the Triple Option all over their opponent.  Their coaches are invested in the process and the details involved to make the Triple Option great.

Enough said.  If you have a Junior High/Feeder Program over which you can control the offense they utilize, you must be running the Triple Option.  Yes, allow the pre-teen, 13, 14 year old to read his way out in order to succeed.

Some things to keep in mind to make the Quarterback’s life easier.

1- Splits must be WIDE.  Easily three feet to widen #1 and #2.  If the splits are wide, it’s tough for #1 to get on the B-back.

2- Eliminate constraints from the offense.  If someone makes the tackle on Triple or Zone Option for a short gain, throw the football the next play (Triple Pass).  The Quarterback doesn’t have time to practice all the constraints.

3- Spend 80 percent of the practice time on Triple and Zone Option. For four straight years, these are the two most utilized plays in the offense by Army and Navy.

This is what you do–now go dominate in 2019.