Eight Pillars of the Flexbone Triple Football Program

As the leader of the Triple Option-based football program, your job is to do the following:

1- Limit tasks to the important.

The average high school offense runs 48 plays/game.  Research has indicated that a play must be run at least four times/game for the play to be effective (NFL Run Study).  Run the Triple Option and possess basic answers to when you can’t get four yards on the Triple.

2- Shorten work time.

Since the average high school offense only runs 48 plays/game and the average offense is on the field for under 20 minutes/game, how much time do you need to be on the field?  Give your players 48 reps in Individual time, 48 reps in Team time, and send them home.

3- Coach for behavioral change.

Constantly provide players with feedback on how they can better technique their assignment.  Evaluate their footwork, angles, and ball security.  Make the players better in these areas.

4- Construct the Alpha Male.

What you say to young men matters.  The conviction you possess to the Triple Option matters.  Alphas are all about possessing conviction.  Beta males are wishy-washy and run the “offense of the week.”  Real men believe in the cause and work to become dominant at their conviction.  If you’re running the Triple, be a diehard.

5- Utilize the Progress Principle.

Celebrate progress at the end of every practice.  Find areas in which you got better from the previous practice and acknowledge those areas.  If the scoop blocks were better, acknowledge this.  If ball security was better, acknowledge what they did to make the ball security better and acknowledge the improvement.  This is the key to motivating the athlete–celebrating progress with acknowledgment/recognition.

6- Create a Taoist mindset.

Phil Jackson, famous Chicago Bulls coach made Taoism/Zen famous.  This isn’t hard, Taoists do the following: 1- Be desire-less (non-needy); 2- be excellent at what you do; and 3- go home.

7- Get players in the Zone.

Coaches create flow with their players when the players utilize repetition of the same concept versus multiple situations over an extended period of time.  This is how you create flow and get players in the zone.  Run the Triple Option thousands of times versus realistic, multiple situations.  Eventually players utilize implicitly memory and achieve peak experience through the process.

8- Employ the Sacred Scripture to evaluate your process.

If you, your coaches, and your players are following the specific teachings of Jesus and following the 10 commandments in practices and games, you’re doing things right.

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