In Your First Year as a Flexbone Triple Option Leader…

In your first year as a Flexbone Triple Option leader, you must analyze elements critical to your offense’s turnaround plan. There is great importance of demonstrating high instructional quality and expectations, translating data into action, developing effective teams, leading a change effort, and creating meaningful engagement with players and coaches.

Triple Option Offense turnaround efforts require highly effective leaders able to create the conditions for rapid and sustained change. To successfully impact player outcomes, leaders in turnaround contexts must drive a fundamental shift in offensive culture and instructional practice that results in early gains and ongoing high performance. The demands are great, but the need to improve the opportunities for our offensive players is even greater.

Coaches must demonstrate an understanding of how to do the following:

  • Transform offensive football culture
  • Identify and achieve early success
  • Measure your results
  • Understand how to best align offensive-level efforts with conference and statewide programs
  • Implement your new theory of action

Are you ready to lead in 2019?