The VERY First Thing You Do After You Get the Job as a Flexbone Triple Coach

If you are hired as a High School Head Football Coach–congratulations.  You have joined the 15,000 other High School Head Football Coaches currently in America.

Since you want to run the Flexbone Triple Option, you have put yourself in phenomenal position to maximize your offense.  Now, you don’t have to worry about moving defensive linemen beyond their will to run the ball, control the clock, score, and win football games.

Right after you’ve been hired, the first thing you do is meet with your new players…. and you tell them the following core values of your Flexbone Triple Option Offense:

1. We are in this, first and foremost, to throw verticals for touchdowns.

2. In the running game, we want, above all else, to take advantage of every opportunity to pitch the ball on the edge.

3. We successfully run the ball up underneath penetration without ever blocking any defensive lineman aligned outside of the playside guard.

Get these three points across to maximize your initial talk.  These are your core values and you always want to revert back to these values when the proverbial “punch in the face” occurs.