What GREAT B-Backs Do on the Triple Option

If the action key is aligned on the playside when Triple Option is called, the Center and Guard “Ace” the action key, and the B-Back is allowed to stay on his veer path through the progression…

Here is how he should run the veer path.



1- The B-back get the ball placed on his belly button by the Quarterback.

2. The B-Back runs through the guard with five points of pressure on the football (fingertips from both hands (2), forearms (3), biceps (4), and sternum (5) are all pressed against the football).

3- He hugs the Ace block… then…

4- He hugs the Playside Tackle’s veer block… then…

5- He squares his shoulders and runs vertical through the end zone.

The B-Back touches the football more than any other player in the Triple Option Offense.  Empower him with an exact and efficient veer path.