Flexbone Triple “If-Then” for 2019

When I developed the original if-then playcalling list back in 2008, the list was based on conversations with several of the Johnson family of coaches.

Since then, the process has been greatly oversimplified.

Run Triple

  • IF you get four yards on Triple THEN run Triple again.
  • IF you don’t get four yards on a give, THEN run Speed/Zone Option.
  • IF you don’t get four yards on a pull or pitch, THEN run Zone Dive.
  • IF you are in short yardage/goal-line get into Heavy and run Follow unless the A and B gaps are cancelled, THEN run Zone Power.
  • IF you are in long yardage, THEN throw four verticals.

This is all proven through quantitative data analysis of Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech throughout the 2018 season, all of which is found on this website.

Any questions, call me at +15703320265. God bless. –Dr. Cella