Get Great at Running Triple So You Don’t NEED to Utilize Constraints

The number one issue I’ve had when working with clients over the last decade is that they want to run so many complimentary plays.

Coaches are so interested in running Wing-T concepts like Belly, Down, Buck Sweep, Power, and Jet Sweep to compliment their Triple and Midline Option.

Then, there’s the old Split Back Veer coaches who want to align with a Tight End and run Outside Veer…

Of course, there’s the guys who want to mix in the Spread with the Under-Center Triple Option.

Here’s my infallible answer to all that.

If you ran the Triple Option with the attention to detail that Brian Bohannon, Ken Niumaotalolo, and Jeff Monken teach the offense, maybe you wouldn’t have to run so many plays.

It doesn’t take TALENT to coach well.

Attention to detail is a CHOICE.

Consider that the next time you want to run Zone Read out of Shotgun to compliment your Triple Option.

You need Triple to advance your program… and advance your career.

Put your career and your family’s life within the Triple Option.  You’ll be rewarded.

God bless. –Dr. Cella