Paul Johnson’s Triple Option Runner Checklist

Paul Johnson Triple Option Tips

Backside A-Back
_____ Backside A-back’s option route is five yards behind the Quarterback.
_____ A-back will take three more steps and turn up with Quarterback.
_____ When backside A-back catches the pitch, he will run wherever the blocking seam is.
_____ He is the dive aspect of the play.
_____ B-back is five yards from front of the ball, and he can move up in alignment if he is slower.
_____ He must know interior Offensive Line blocking scheme.
_____ B-back has his backside toes curled in stance to prevent false stepping.
_____ 1st step is 6 inches.
_____ Takeoff is full speed through the ball, just like a plane.
_____ B-back’s aiming point is inside leg of guard.
_____ He reads the action key and breaks behind the center if there is a 0 technique.
_____ He does not bend back with “Ace” call (Center/Guard Double Team).
_____ Reads #1 and Options #2.
_____ He gets his 2nd step in ground and stares at read.
_____ The decision to give is made when the B-back is past his front foot.
_____ Gives ball if #1 does not take B-back–#1 must be able to get his head in front of the ball.
_____ Running Quarterback—when in doubt, pull it out.
_____ Non-running Quarterback—when in doubt, give.
_____ If #1 and #2 come hard, the option turns into a toss sweep. The Quarterback will get his 2nd step in the ground  (need this to create space from the defender) and option off #2.  If #2 does not come he will keep the ball. When #2 turns toward Quarterback, he will pitch the ball with his thumb down.
_____ Practice versus the easy stunt (2-1 exchange).

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