648 Plays Run In 3 Days

If you ran 648 offensive plays at the high school level, you would’ve played a 14-game season as the national high school average is 48 Offensive plays run/game.

This is the reality of what we do at your Triple Option Football Academy Camp.

At our last camp, the Triple Option, Zone Option, Triple Pass, Paul Johnson’s 60/70 Series, Zone Dive, Heavy Package, Rocket Toss, and Midline Lead were run a combined total of 648 times.

Players and coaches are taught the proper installation sequence and the priorities of each concept so they can learn fast and play right away. Coaches learn the exact reason why each concept is playcalled as done by Army, Navy, and Kennesaw. Situational Football is the cornerstone of Dr. Cella’s Cognitive-Based Psychodynamic approach.

Camps have already occurred in two time zones, and next week, Dr. Cella heads to his third time zone to install the triple option offense the right way the first time. If you’re interested in running a camp at YOUR high school this summer with YOUR high school football program, connect with Dr. Cella at 570.332.0265.