How Not to Lose

When installing the Triple Option you must get to potential issues before they ever start.

The following seven (7) crucial awareness points show you how to lose (so you can avoid LOSING):

1- Allowing complacency.

Players have to continually focusing on improving through the process.

2- Failure to guide through the process.

Coaches have to COACH and these coaches must continually provide players with information on techniquing their assignment.

3- Underestimating the power of vision.

Coaches have to utilize Army and Navy as a model.

4- Permitting obstacles to block the vision.

When people, places, things, or ideas block the offense from looking like Army and Navy, thwart these obstacles with overwhelming force.

5- Failing to create short-term victories within the process.

Players must know when they’ve achieved success in each stage of the process.

6- Declaring victory too soon.

Coaches must accept that it takes 20 hours of deliberate practice to get to 90% of team’s potential and that the coach’s work is never done.

7- Neglecting to firmly anchor changes in the football culture.

This is about constantly fixing mistakes in alignment, assignment, and technique.