The Big Idea In 47 Words

The Big Idea in 47 Words

Army and Kennesaw State are Division-1 football programs. 

Army doesn’t give any athletic scholarships. 

Kennesaw has only played four seasons of varsity football. 

If they ran a traditional offense, they couldn’t block the Defensive Linemen they’d face.

Fortunately they don’t, and because of this, they went 22-4 in 2018.


You can’t block their defensive linemen.


Image result for army football entranceThe Triple Option eliminates the need for blocking all defensive linemen outside the Playside Guard, and allows you to dominate the running game. 

Now, you read your way out by forcing defenses to learn how to play assignment football in a short three-day (3) preparation week.

The Triple Option Football Academy creates a high-performance offense through a sports science-based 3-step process.

Clients are empowered to execute this systematic offense through the Triple Option Football Academy and the Triple Option Football Academy Camps.


Dr. Lou Cella, Sport and Performance Psychologist

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