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Navy, Kennesaw State, and Lenoir-Rhyne are Flexbone Triple Option football programs. 

Navy doesn’t give any athletic scholarships. 

Kennesaw has only played five seasons of varsity football. 

Lenoir-Rhyne was 3-7 two years ago and running the Spread.

If they ran a traditional offense, they couldn’t block the Defensive Linemen they’d face.

Fortunately they don’t, and because of this, they are 21-2 in 2019.


You can’t block their defensive linemen.


a-over b-back tossThe Triple Option eliminates the need for blocking all defensive linemen outside the Playside Guard, and allows you to dominate the running game.

Now, you read your way out by forcing defenses to learn how to play assignment football.  Defenses have to do this in a short, three-day (3) preparation week.

The Triple Option Football Academy creates an elite-performance offense.  This is all done through a sports science-based, 3-step procedure.

Clients are empowered to execute this systematic offense through the Triple Option Football Academy and the Triple Option Football Academy Camps.

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Dr. Lou Cella, Sport and Performance Psychologist

Dr., Lou Cella, Sport and Performance Psychologist

Dr. Lou Cella, is a Sport and Performance Psychologist.  He has assisted in the turnaround of numerous high school football programs through his flexbone triple option-based camp system.  Just months after Dr. Cella served as camp director:

Falls City (TX) won their first regional and first state championship in school history. 

Bayfield (CO) went to the state championship game.

Pamlico County (NC) went to the state championship game.

Cashmere (WA) went to the state semifinals.

Timmonsville (SC) went to the state semifinals after going 1-9 the previous season.

You can view Dr. Cella’s full list of success stories and testimonials right here.

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Dr. Cella’s Camp Highlights

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Before the 2010 season, Falls City HS (TX) had never won a regional championship in school history. In 2010, after running a camp with Lou Cella as Camp Director, Falls City HS (TX) won the Regional and State Championship for the first time in school history in Texas while scoring 680 points in 15 games.“The biggest thing for us is that it gave our kids the opportunity to work together in our offensive system before the season started–the techniques and fundamentals they learned was so big, so was the team bonding, and so was having an outside source (Lou Cella) teaching them–this was invaluable.” -Mark Kirchhoff, Falls City (TX) Head Coach
(keyphrase: get good fast in 2020, get good fast in 2020)