The Top Four Success Stories of 2019

These are the top four success stories resulting from Dr. Cella’s 2019 Triple Option Football Academy Camps.

Ontario Christian (CA)

In 2019, after running a Triple Option Football Academy Camp with Dr. Cella, Ontario Christian (CA) goes to the CIF State Quarterfinals, and set a multitude of school records.

“This past offseason we made the decision to have Dr Cella run his Triple option camp for our program.  This was one of the best decisions we made and we plan to do it again next year.  With Dr Cella’s help, we established an Offensive Identity.  We know exactly who we are, how we are going to attack our opponents, and how we will adjust.  That Identity has been powerful for us as a program.  Never before has each player and coach known undoubtedly their role within the offense.  This has changed the trajectory of our program, impacted how we approach practice, teaching, and coaching on both sides of the ball.”

— Matt Hoekstra, Head Football Coach

Garden County (NE)

8-man football

In 2019, after running a Triple Option Football Academy Camp with Dr. Cella, Garden County (NE) had an undefeated regular season.

“Dr. Cella’s on site camp was systematic and he did an outstanding job of installing the triple option offense.  Once we had it installed he was available 24/7 for any assistance that we needed.  This offense was a game changer for us. It allowed us to win games that we wouldn’t have in our old offense.  It is truly a system that was completely effective for us.  The longer we have used this system, the more we like it, and the better our team has become.  The last two years we have been 16-4 and made the second round of our state playoffs.  If you are looking for a system that takes all the guesswork out of play calling and forces a defense to be wrong no matter what they do, you have found it in the 8 man triple option offense.”

— Jason Spady, Head Football Coach

Hereford (MD)

In 2013, Hereford (MD) started the season 0-3… and then this happened…

However, in 2019, Hereford started the season at 0-3 again… and then the below-listed happened.

“Lou, I can not thank you enough for your camp, and for your help whenever needed this 2019 season.  We started 0-3, but we were scoring and moving the football. There were some doubters, but we stayed the course.

We won 7 games in a row and lead the league in points per game. We made it to the second round of the playoffs.  We followed your practice format to the letter. If you run triple, then bullets are a must. We practiced 4 concepts a day running mostly triple and zone, and getting about 40 snaps in 20 minutes.  During team, we practiced triple and zone, but also dive, triple pass, and toss. Then, at the end of team, we always ended with heavy.

It is difficult to try and figure what kind of defense a team will run against us, but our line was always prepared because of bullets.  The triple is a great equalizer–we were always out skilled, but we always out executed the defense. If possible we would like to do the camp again this year. Having your help, and knowledge of the option, with just a text away, is a huge plus.”

–Steve Turnbaugh, Football Coach

South Border (ND)

Before the 2019 season, South Border (ND) hadn’t won a football game since 2016.

In 2019, after running their Triple Option Football Academy Camp with Dr. Cella, South Border won four (4) games and finished #17 in the state. They did all this with a roster of 16 players.

“After going two seasons without a win, we held a camp in 2019 and installed the Triple Option Offense with Dr. Cella. We ended the season 4-5 and missed the playoffs by one game. At the end of the season we were ranked 17th in the state with the top 16 going to playoffs. We have made a huge turnaround and the future is bright.  Thanks Dr. Cella.”

— Quentin Schumacher, Head Football Coach

Hereford and Ontario Christian have both verbally committed to hosting another Triple Option Football Academy Camp in 2020.  If you’re looking to advance your program to the next level, connect with Dr. Cella at 570.332.0265.