They Started the Season at 0-3… Then This Happened

In 2013, Hereford (MD) started the season 0-3… and then this happened…

However, in 2019, Hereford started the season at 0-3 again… and then the below-listed happened.

“Lou, I can not thank you enough for your camp, and for your help whenever needed this 2019 season.  We started 0-3, but we were scoring and moving the football. There were some doubters, but we stayed the course.

We won 7 games in a row and lead the league in points per game. We made it to the second round of the playoffs.  We followed your practice format to the letter. If you run triple, then bullets are a must. We practiced 4 concepts a day running mostly triple and zone, and getting about 40 snaps in 20 minutes.  During team, we practiced triple and zone, but also dive, triple pass, and toss. Then, at the end of team, we always ended with heavy.

It is difficult to try and figure what kind of defense a team will run against us, but our line was always prepared because of bullets.  The triple is a great equalizer–we were always out skilled, but we always out executed the defense. If possible we would like to do the camp again this year. Having your help, and knowledge of the option, with just a text away, is a huge plus.”

–Steve Turnbaugh, Football Coach