The 2-Step Solution to Problem Solving with the Triple Option Offense

After FOUR decades of running the Flexbone/Triple Option/Midline and working with THOUSANDS of high school football coaches on playcalling, installing, and practicing the offense to win big NOW–here is the two-step solution with the Triple Option Offense.

Step 1

Admit you have a problem.

You can only get to step 2 if you possess GREAT humility. God rewards the humble and opposes the proud. The faster you admit you have a specific problem, the faster you’ll solve the specific problem. Usually the specific problem is that you are not scoring enough points.

Step 2

Utilize FOUNDATIONAL concepts to overcome and solve your problem.

Army and Navy have run the same concepts over the last six seasons: Zone Dive, Zone Kick/Option, Triple Option/Midline Triple Option, & Triple Pass. These are ALWAYS their top concepts. You are going to solve problems with foundational concepts. Otherwise, you will need way better players than your competition to overcome your pride.


So if you have a problem CONFESS the problem with your mouth and then run Zone Dive, Zone Kick, Triple Option and Triple Pass to overcome your problem. God bless.

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