The Triple Option SYSTEM is Where You PROFIT

I would say that all aspiring coaches who want to run their own program—the same as most athletes who enter a championship—want to win it all.

But, how do they get there with the Triple Option?

If all they thought about was their goal, they wouldn’t have left any capacity to figure out how to get there. Instead, they focus on their system, and in this case it’s the TRIPLE OPTION.

Successful coaches think about how to run their Triple Option program smoothly and how they can schedule their days better.

They think about how each and every part of their program can be most in line with each other and how they can tweak their practices to create a smooth-running, output generating Triple Option system. Achieving their goals is a mere byproduct.

Your competition and you both want the same things. You both want to dominate your opponents and win. What sets yourself apart from your competition isn’t what you want to achieve, but what you do to get there.

(Inspired by James Clear)

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