A Great Way to Become a Better Triple Option Coach Is… But

But you probably won’t do this. The likely reason is because you’re too proud. In case you’re not, a great way to become a better Triple Option Coach is…

You give yourself a daily self-assessment.

Why would you do this? You do this to keeps you focused on becoming a happier, healthier Triple Option coach. Additionally, this provides you with the character/mental training in your coaching life—AND THIS HELPS YOU GET BETTER AT ALMOST EVERYTHING!

Daily Self-Assessment Questions

1. Have I done my best to exercise?

2. Have I done my best to create a step-by-step procedure on improving at the Triple Option Offense?

3. Have I done my best to interact with others?

4. Did I do my best to avoid angry or destructive comments?

5. Did I do my best to find meaning in my coaching?

6. Did I get enough sleep?

7. Did I learn anything new about the Triple Option Offense today?

8. Am I up to date on my doctor’s appointments?

Feel free to add to this. This is how you work to get better as a Triple Option coach, and perhaps even as a better person.

The world’s leading Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith does this every day. Learn more about what he does right here.

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