Temple City (CA) Goes from a 1-Win Team to a PLAYOFF Team MONTHS After Camp with Dr. Cella

Temple City (CA)

In 2011,  Temple City High School (CA) went 1-9.

In 2012, after running a camp with Lou Cella as Camp Director, Temple City went from one (1) win to five (5) wins and obtained a playoff berth.


“This past July we hosted a camp with Lou Cella as the director. It was, in my opinion, the best endeavor I have ever participated in with regards to improving a football team towards a specific goal. I have not seen such a unilateral result, from coaches to players, with any other method.

The greatness of the camp is in the breadth of activity. Every position is taught and drilled, as well as position coaches. The camp is a systematic installation of the offense. Lou was phenomenal, his energy and passion for what he was teaching was infectious with the players and coaches.

I have never witnessed a group of athletes improve more in 4 hours on the first day of camp, and the improvement continued throughout the duration. Any coach looking to run the flexbone offense would be crazy not to invest in a camp for their players and coaches.”

–Mike McFarland, Head Football Coach

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