East Davidson (NC) Goes from 1 Win to 6 Wins & Makes the Playoffs Immediately After Working with Dr. Cella

East Davidson (NC)

From 2018-2020 East Davidson won five (5) games in three (3) seasons including a 1-10 season in 2019.

In 2021, after working with Dr. Cella, East Davidson won six (6) games, rushed for OVER 300 yards/game, and made the playoffs.

“Dr. Cella taught us how to install the flexbone offense using his installation progressions, which prepared us for any opponent. 

Prior to joining TOFA, EDHS finished 2-9 in 2018 and 1-10 in 2019. After working with Dr. Cella, we finished 6-5 in 2021. We were second in our conference and made the playoffs for only the 10th time since 1961. We averaged 308 rushing yards per game and dominated time of possession. 

Dr. Cella is a great teacher and motivator. He is available 24/7 and tells you what you need to hear to win more games. I highly recommend Dr. Cella and the TOFA.”

— Vance Hanner, Head Football Coach

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