Regis (OR) Has Massive Turnaround Months After Working with Dr. Cella

Regis (OR)

In 2019, Regis (OR) won just two (2) games.

In 2021, which was Regis’ first full season played since the pandemic, Brynie Robinson left Colton High School (OR) and was named the Head Football Coach at Regis. This move occurred in JULY, which was mere weeks before the start of camp.

After working with Dr. Cella, Regis won six (6) games, had their first playoff appearance in six (6) years, averaged over 30 points/game, and did all this with a ROSTER OF 21 PLAYERS.

“Hey Lou, I am writing to thank you for being the spark that started the transition from what we were running offensively to the Triple Option Offense.  We transitioned from Colton where we spent 4 years coaching to Regis in July, 2021. In our FIRST YEAR, we averaged 30 points per game and over 3,000 yards of total offense.”

— Brynie Robinson, Head Football Coach

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