Piedra Vista (NM) Goes to the State Quarterfinals Months After Camp with Dr. Cella

Piedra Vista (NM)

In 2011, Piedra Vista (NM) was running the spread offense and won three (3) games.

In 2012, after running a camp with Lou Cella as Camp Director, Piedra Vista won nine (9) games and made it to the state quarterfinals.


“It is never to late to make the right decision.  After evaluating our offensive production the previous year, we knew we had to fix our run game.  We decided to make a commitment to running the veer.   We were able to set up a camp.

In 2012, we averaged 38 points a game and 400 yards of offense, finishing the year 9-3 after losing in the state quarterfinals.  We also notched wins against a team our school had never beaten before and defeated the 2011 defending state champions.

One thing that I think people don’t talk about enough is that switching to this system made us better defensively also.  Our ability to control the ball on offense helped us win field position and time of possession battles, and more importantly, kept the opponent’s offense off the field!”

Jared Howell, Head Football Coach

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