Have the Army-Navy Triple Option Offense installed at your school over three days this spring/summer of 2020.

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Before and After the Camp

You receive the Triple Option Football Academy, which includes the following: 

Online Classroom

✔ 2019 Triple Option Football Academy 3-Step Clinic

✔ Over 100 Hours of Drills from Dr. Cella’s Camps

✔ The Installation Clinic Library

✔ Live Rep Count, Full-Season Practice Execution

✔ The Interactive Playbook

✔ Dr. Cella’s State Championship-Level Clients’ Game Video


✔ Dr. Cella hosts the breakout session with you and your staff.

24-Hour On Call Support

✔ Dr. Cella is available 24 hours/day for you and your staff.

2020 Triple Option Football Academy Camp Installation Schedule 

Day 1- Triple Option 

Day 2- Triple Option (Cont.) and Zone Option

Day 3- Triple Pass, Run-and-Shoot Series (60/70), Zone Dive, Heavy Package, Rocket, Midline Lead

All concepts are installed through complete data analysis of Army, Navy, and Kennesaw’s 2019 Offense.

Pricing, Scheduling, and Date Availability for Your 2020 Triple Option Football Academy Camp

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