Have the Georgia Tech, Army-Navy Triple Option Offense installed at your school over three days this spring/summer of 2018.

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Before the Camp

You receive the Triple Option Football Academy, which includes the following: 

HUDL account 12-step clinic, over 2000 drill clips, and game video of Dr. Cella’s State Championship-level clients.

Online Classroom– 12-step installation procedure, interactive playbook, drill guide, and more.

Webinar– Dr. Cella covers the 12-step installation procedure with you and your staff.

Triple Option Football Academy Daily Camp Schedule 

First 90 minutes- Skill Positions

Next 90 minutes- Offensive Line

Final 60 minutes- Team Offense

Triple Option Football Academy Camp Installation Schedule 

Day 1- Triple Option Series

Day 2- Zone Option Series, Toss Series, Midline Series, and Heavy Package

Day 3- Triple Pass Series

After the Camp

Dr. Cella is on call 24-hours/day for you and your staff.

Pricing and Scheduling for Your 2018 Triple Option Football Academy Camp

Call 570.332.0265.