A Proven Solution for the Underdog


If you’re in a situation where you continually want and need to run the ball, but you end up struggling to get positive yardage, then please read this.

The truth is, when you’re at a big-time program with lots of numbers and tradition, the above doesn’t affect you at all. You simply flip a switch, the light goes on, and you carry on business without interruption.

But there are a lot of coaches who don’t have access to this kind of always-on DNA.

So, most coaches have to do things that they really don’t want to do: They visit colleges, buy DVDs, and take their assistant coaches to endless weekend clinics in order to gain coaching skills and overcome their players’ shortcomings.

All this usually is a big waste of money. You don’t get anything systematically concrete, and it’s really dangerous to teach football in an abstract form.

If you or I have the power to change this situation, we should use it.

As you already know, you have to win the line of scrimmage to win the football game.

Coach, the solution for those who want to win by running the ball, control the first level, and do so without ever having to block Defensive Linemen is right here.

Over the last 12 years, countless coaches have achieved a proven solution when they are the underdog.

This 59-second video shows you their stories.

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