Win Big With a Small Offensive Line

The average College Football Playoff Offensive Line (Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and Oklahoma) averages over 310 pounds. 


In 2017, Army won their first Commander-in-Chief trophy in 22 years.  Army did so with a 280-pound Offensive Line and the Triple Option Offense. 

Here’s what Army does with their Triple Option Offense:

If the Defense aligns with a 2-technique or wider, you cancel him from ever making the tackle–with the Triple Option.

The Quarterback reads Defensive Linemen and always makes them wrong in whatever they decide to do.

When Triple Option / Midline Triple Option is run to the right, the defenders in yellow are cancelled by the Quarterback and cannot make the tackle:

If you are interested in learning how to cancel Defensive Linemen the right way the first time, and have a time-tested offensive system for the rest of your coaching career, call the Triple Option Football Academy at 570.332.0265.