Stop Blocking Defensive Linemen and Start Winning

Triple Option versus 50 Defense—You don’t have to block those in white, they will always be wrong, and they cannot make the tackle.When Army, Navy, and the Citadel run the Triple Option versus an Odd-Front Defense, they’re only blocking one defensive lineman.


And the results are outstanding.

School Offense Football Scholarships Rushing Yards/Game (2016)



Under- Center Triple Option 0 327 (#2 in FBS)

Best regular season since 1996.


Under- Center Triple Option 0 311 (#4 in FBS)

Highest national ranking since 1963.

The Citadel Under-Center  Triple Option Must join the ROTC. 348 (#1 in FCS)

First 10-0 start in 109-year football program history.


Dr. Lou Cella educates high school and college football coaches on how to run the Navy/ Army/Citadel Triple Option Offense through the Triple Option Football Academy and the Triple Option Football Academy Camps.

The results of the Academy and Camp are found right here — testimonials.

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