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Running Double Flex Midline Lead versus 4-2

When the defense aligns with a 3-technique and a Backside Action Key, Midline Lead is a great concept to run when the give is forced on Triple Option.

The 3-technique is put in a situation where he cannot be right.

Midline Lead gets tremendous numbers at the point of attack and by compressing the Receiver, the Receiver can quickly get to the Safety.

Here’s Midline Lead versus the 4-2 defense to the 3-technique side:












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Eight (8)-Man Triple Option Football: Running Rocket Boot Pass versus 4-2 Defense

In eight-man football, Rocket Boot Pass is a great way to force the defense to cover all the vertical and underneath zones.  There is tremendous difficulty in playing the Triple Option and covering all the appropriate zones.

When the Toss is faked, the Quarterback boots and throws to the Left End.  If he is covered, the Quarterback throws the ball to the B-Back in the flat.


This puts a tremendous amount of stress on a defense that is expecting Triple Option, seeing Rocket Toss action, and then the offense is executing a Boot away from the Toss.  The defense goes from assignment football, to fast pursuit, to zone drops in a matter of a second.

Throwing the football is a tremendous advantage in eight-man Triple Option Football.  Nobody knows better than eight-man school, Odessa-Harrington, as they succeeded in 2015 after their camp with Dr. Cella.

Odessa-Harrington (WA)

In 2015, after running a camp with Dr. Lou Cella as Camp Director, Odessa-Harrington (WA) scored 508 points in 11 games, averaged 46 points/game, made it to the second round of the Washington State Playoffs, and did all this with a roster of 20 players.


Dr. Cella is an absolutely fantastic instructor of triple-option football who taught our players as if he were coaching his own team.  From the very beginning of camp he arrived with an enthusiasm, excitement and a passion for football that was infectious for our entire team and coaching staff. 

Dr. Cella incorporated a fast-paced, up tempo style that allowed all of our players to have multiple repetitions, thus enabling each of them to easily understand the proper techniques and concepts that were being taught. 

Not only is Dr. Cella a master at teaching the proper fundamentals of the triple-option, he also impressed upon our team a mental toughness that is essential in having success on and off the football field.  Our camp was a great success and Dr. Cella is truly dedicated to turning programs into champions.

–Jeff Nelson, Head Football Coach