10 Ways to Flexbone Fast

Want to learn how to Flexbone fast (this means get good at the Flexbone really fast)?  If so, watch the below-listed video. Triple Option Football Academy Camps Have the Army-Navy Flexbone Triple Option Offense installed at your school over three days this spring/summer of 2020.  Dr. Lou Cella’s Triple Option Football Academy Camps shows you … Read more 10 Ways to Flexbone Fast

B-Back Zone Option

Want to learn how to run Zone Option with the B-Back.  You can learn how to run B-Back Zone Option right here. Is Your Down Cycle Coming? If your Down Cycle is coming… and you’ve already said, “We’re going to be down next year”… well then, this is your, very-own Game of Thrones. You’re going to … Read more B-Back Zone Option

The Triple Option

The Triple Option is referred to as a play, a concept, an offense, and a science.  Learn the basics of the Triple Option and why the Triple is best run from the Flexbone formation — right here.   Dr. Lou Cella, Sport and Performance Psychologist Dr. Lou Cella, Sport and Performance Psychologist Dr. Lou Cella, … Read more The Triple Option

The Flexbone

The Flexbone is a formation utilized to execute the Triple Option.  Watch Dr. Cella’s explanation of the Flexbone right here. The Academy The Academy empowers you to execute the Triple Option Offense the right way the first time.   Dr. Lou Cella installs Army and Navy’s modern-day Flexbone Triple Option Offense with you and your staff. … Read more The Flexbone

The B-Toss for 8-Man Football

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The Army Flexbone Triple Option Offense v. Michigan

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That Time When the Citadel and the Triple Option Beat South Carolina

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The 10 Ways to Get Good Fast Running the Flexbone Triple Option Offense

Watch the video here. The discussion is based on Josh Kaufman’s book, The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything Fast. Purchase this book right here.

The Fastest Way to Beat the Blitz

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Alabama State Looks to Slow Down Kennesaw’s Triple Option

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