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Proper Double Flex Formation Alignment

Below is the alignment for the Double Flex formation, which is Army and Navy’s modern-day primary formation.


Throwing Triple Pass Out of Double Flex Simplifies the Process

When throwing the Triple Pass out of the Spread formation there are two situations:

Triple Pass Vertical (versus Middle of Field Safety)

Triple Pass Switch (versus Playside Safety)


Throwing Triple Pass out of Double Flex eliminates the conversion into ONE all-encompassing concept.  This is because the Corner is FORCED to be the run support due to the compressed formation.


The Quarterback will throw to the Playside Receiver. If the Safety drifts toward him, the Quarterback throws to the Backside Receiver.

The Quarterback throws to the Playside Receiver unless the Safety drops. If so, the Quarterback throws the wheel to the Playside A.









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Executing Double Flex, Zone Option versus 6-2 Defense

When running Zone Option out of Double Flex, the Offensive Line, A-Backs, and Backside Receiver have the same responsibilities as Triple Option.

The Playside Receiver blocks down.

The B-Back leads for the Quarterback and blocks the Mike to the Free Safety while the Quarterback takes the snap, goes down the line, turns up and scores unless #2 can tackle him… if so, the Quarterback sets his feet and parallel flicks the ball.

Here’s Zone Option versus the 4-4/6-2 Defense:




















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Running Double Flex Midline Lead versus 4-2

When the defense aligns with a 3-technique and a Backside Action Key, Midline Lead is a great concept to run when the give is forced on Triple Option.

The 3-technique is put in a situation where he cannot be right.

Midline Lead gets tremendous numbers at the point of attack and by compressing the Receiver, the Receiver can quickly get to the Safety.

Here’s Midline Lead versus the 4-2 defense to the 3-technique side:












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How the Triple Option Offense is Evolving with Army and Navy as We Move Into 2018

Army and Navy’s top three formations in 2017 (combined):

1- Double Flex

2- Heavy

3- Flex Spread

Army and Navy’s top three concepts in 2017 (combined):

1- Zone Option

2- Zone Dive

3- Triple Option

Happy 2018!

Navy Flexes 99% of the Time

In Navy’s huge bowl win versus Virginia (49-7), Navy was in a Flexed formation 99% of the time.

This means they brought the Receiver in two yards from the Tackle.

63% of the time versus Virginia, Navy was in Double Flex:




















Only 37% of time versus Virginia, Navy split out a single Receiver.

Only 1% of the time versus Virginia, Navy split out two Receivers.

In 2017 Navy’s #1 formation was Double Flex.  No other formation was close.  The offense is certainly evolving.






























The Two Offensive Formations Army West Point Ran in 2017

In 2017, Army West Point had their best season in 22 seasons, and they were based out of two formations–Double Flex and Heavy.

They were aligned in one of these formations, or a combination thereof, 95% of the time in their bowl win versus San Diego State.








Double Flex compresses the Receivers as they are six feet from the Offensive Tackle with their inside foot up.  The benefit is that this formation puts the cornerbacks in an automatic run support situation, which is often a better perimeter matchup for the offense.  In addition, it eliminates the Playside Receiver and Playside A-Back having to read the Deep Defender and #3.  This is because the Corner is now #3 and the Safety is the Deep Defender.  If the Safety is in the middle of the field, the Receiver will load and block the Mike to the Free Safety.  He has a better angle to load as if the Mike runs over the top, he is two yards wider than the A-Back to wall off the Mike.

The Heavy Formations brings the Backside Tackle to the formation side to create an extra blocker 3.5 feet away from the Formation-side Tackle.  Then, the Backside Receiver replaces the Backside Tackle and aligns 3.5 feet away from the Backside Guard in a 3-point stance.  At times, Army would utilize a sixth Offensive Lineman as the Backside Tackle.  The benefit of utilizing a Receiver is that he is eligible and must be covered in the passing game.  In addition, Army would move their Playside A-Back’s alignment to behind the Heavy Tackle in certain situations.  This is especially true when they ran the Down (Belly-G) as to give the Playside A-Back a better angle to cancel the Mike.

The Game that Changed it All–Part One of Navy’s 2007 Win versus Notre Dame

In 2007, Navy defeated Notre Dame for the first time in over four decades.

The Double Flex formation was utilized throughout most of the game by Navy.

Watch the below-listed four videos to see how Navy defeated Notre Dame, and part two occurs tomorrow.

The Best Way to Keep the Defensive Line from Making the Tackle — Double Flex, B-Toss Crush

Cancelling Defensive Linemen is a staple of the Triple Option Offense.

The B-Back Toss with the “Crush” tag guarantees this.

This is because the ball is tossed one yard outside the tackle where the Defensive Line cannot make the tackle.  Now, all the pressure is put on the Linebackers and Defensive Backs to make the tackle.

Three players must be blocked to make the play explosive–the three closest defenders to the playside sideline.

In the below-listed diagram, the Corner, overhang, and 40-technique linebacker must be cancelled by the Playside A-Back, the Playside Tackle, and the Playside Guard.

Here is Double Flex, B-Toss Crush in action:


Georgia Tech, Navy, and Army utilize this when the defense is forcing give reads on the Triple Option.

Utilize this in 2017 to get the ball on the perimeter and to keep the Defensive Line from making the tackle.

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Strength in Numbers: Navy’s First Touchdown Against UConn (2016) Was Heavy Bunch B-Back Toss Crush

Navy has not utilized the Heavy Bunch formation frequently in the past.

After Saturday’s first touchdown, perhaps they should.

Heavy Bunch puts both Receivers on the same side.  One is flanked and the other is on the line of scrimmage.  The A-Back aligns outside of the Heavy Tackle.  In addition, the Backside A aligns on the line of scrimmage as the Backside Tackle.

Heavy Bunch Right, 58 B Crush was the playcall, and Navy achieved a 7-0 lead with the following concept:


The First Playside Receiver has the Deep Defender while the other Receiver crushes the down defender. The Playside A, both Tackles, and Guard have the alley defenders while the Center and Backside Guard/A Scoop. The Quarterback tosses the ball to the B-Back, and the B-Back catches the ball one yard outside the tackle and scores.

You can watch the play from the very beginning right here.

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