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Georgia Southern Under-Center Triple Option Offensive Line Drills


Brent Davis’ Offensive Line Drills from Georgia Southern

Army Offensive Coordinator, Brent Davis was at Georgia Southern prior to his arrival at West Point.

Here are Brent Davis’ Offensive Line drills from his days at Georgia Southern:

Georgia Tech Assistant Discusses the Triple Option

Watch Video 1 on Triple Option philosophy right here.

Watch Video 2 on Triple Option Wide Receiver play right here.

Watch Video 3 on Playaction Passing right here.

Two Triple Option Offensive Line Drill Videos from Georgia Tech and Monken-era Georgia Southern

The Georgia Tech Offensive Line Drill Video can be found right here.

The Monken-era Georgia Southern Offensive Line Drill Video can be found right here.


Extensive Video of Georgia Southern Triple Option Offense Drills

This extensive video shows drills at all 11 positions of Georgia Southern’s Triple Option Offense.

The video can be found below:

The Under-Center Triple Option Offense is Back at Georgia Southern

After a few years running a shotgun offense, Georgia Southern is back under center and running the Triple Option Offense.

Georgia Southern hired Bryan Cook away from Georgia Tech to reinstall the Under-Center Triple Option Offense.

In addition, the Eagles hired Bob Bodine, a Triple Option coaching mainstay, away from Army to be the one of the Offensive Line coaches.

Read about Georgia Southern’s transformation right here.

Video of How the Original Adrian Peterson Dominated as a Georgia Southern B-Back

Adrian Peterson is a former NFL running back as well as a former college running back for the Georgia Southern football team. He played B-Back in Paul Johnson’s Triple Option Offense while Coach Johnson was Head Football Coach at Georgia Southern.  Peterson played from 1998-2001.

During his college career, he was awarded “Most Outstanding Player” in the I-AA division. He went down in history as the first college sophomore to take home this award.

In 2005 he was one of the two best running backs for the Chicago Bears, he retired in 2011, and in 2012 he was inducted into the Georgia Southern Hall of Fame.

Below-listed are highlights of his action as a Georgia Southern B-Back: