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Attacking the Defense’s A-Gap Void



The Most Effective Defensive Alignment to Run Midline Lead


The Playside Tackle’s Fan/High Pressure Control Block on Midline Lead

The Playside Tackle is going to block the first down lineman outside of the read on Triple Option.

This is how he does this block, known as the Fan Block (often referred to as HPC–High Pressure Control as well).

Playside Tackle fanning the 5-technique on Lead (Midline Double Option). The Tackle steps vertical with his inside foot first, gets his heels past the heels of the 5-technique, steps toward the sideline with his outside foot, then steps with inside foot and punches his inside hand through the 5-technique.

Running Double Flex Midline Lead versus 4-2

When the defense aligns with a 3-technique and a Backside Action Key, Midline Lead is a great concept to run when the give is forced on Triple Option.

The 3-technique is put in a situation where he cannot be right.

Midline Lead gets tremendous numbers at the point of attack and by compressing the Receiver, the Receiver can quickly get to the Safety.

Here’s Midline Lead versus the 4-2 defense to the 3-technique side:












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2017 Army West Point Triple Option Breakdown Versus Temple

Army West Point- 31 v. Temple- 28 F/OT

Army West Point Offense total plays run- 70

56% of Army West Point’s Offense was the following: Dropback Pass- 12; Zone Dive- 10; Triple Option- 6; Zone Option- 6; Midline Lead- 5

The other 44% of Army West Point’s Offense was the following: Trap- 4; Counter Option- 1; Down- 2; Sneak- 2; Rocket Pass- 2; Triple Pass- 2; Rocket- 2; Iso- 2; Rocket Boot Pass- 1; Stretch- 1; Power- 1; B-Toss Boot Pass- 1; Counter Keep- 1; B-Screen- 1; Midline White- 1; Down Option- 1; Zone Belly Pass- 1; Zone Belly- 4; Quarterback Draw- 1

2017 Navy Triple Option Breakdown versus Memphis

Navy- 27 v. Memphis- 30 F

Navy Total Offensive Plays- 63

70% of Navy’s Offense was the following: Triple Option- 19; Follow- 10; Zone Option- 6; Triple Pass- 5; Midline Lead- 4

The other 30% of Navy’s Offense was the following: Rocket- 3; Counter Option- 2; Down- 2; Cowboy- 2; Zone Dive- 1; Zone Belly Pass- 1; Midline Triple- 1; Sneak- 1; Quarterback Power- 1; Power- 1; Trap- 1; B-Toss Pass- 1; B-Toss- 1; Sprint Pass- 1

2017 Navy Triple Option Breakdown versus Tulsa

Navy- 31 v. Tulsa- 21 F

Navy Total Offensive Plays- 75

52% of Navy’s Offense was the following: Zone Option- 16; Midline Lead- 13; Triple Option- 10

The other 48% of Navy’s Offense was the following: Zone Option Block- 5; Rocket- 4; Midline Triple- 3; B-Toss- 3; Counter Option- 3; Zone Dive- 3; Slot Counter- 2; Triple Pass- 2; Down- 2; Iso- 1; Midline Pass- 1; Lucky (Slot Dive)- 1; Zone Belly Pass- 1; Follow- 1; Trap- 1; Sneak- 1; Midline White- 1; Dropback Pass- 1

Army West Point’s Top Five Concepts Through Week 3 of 2017

Army West Point is 2-1 right now.  Here are their top five concepts through Week 3 of 2017:

1- Zone Belly was run 23 times.

2- Triple Option was run 21 times.

3- Midline Lead was run 20 times.

4- Zone Dive (Pin) was run 18 times.

5- Zone Option was run 17 times.

These five concepts are 54% of Army West Point’s 2017 Offense.