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Four Situations on Which to Drill the Triple Option Quarterback this Summer



Specific Technique for the B-Back on Triple and Midline


The ONE Difference in Teaching the Triple and Midline Quarterback Read Progression

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Challenging the Triple Option Quarterback in Practice

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The Playside Tackle’s Fan/High Pressure Control Block on Midline Lead

The Playside Tackle is going to block the first down lineman outside of the read on Triple Option.

This is how he does this block, known as the Fan Block (often referred to as HPC–High Pressure Control as well).

Playside Tackle fanning the 5-technique on Lead (Midline Double Option). The Tackle steps vertical with his inside foot first, gets his heels past the heels of the 5-technique, steps toward the sideline with his outside foot, then steps with inside foot and punches his inside hand through the 5-technique.

Running Midline to the Trips Side

The Trips formation creates a numbers advantage to the Trips side.  This forces the defense to bring someone over from the backside to the formation-side to match numbers.  Otherwise, the offense has the numbers advantage.  If this is the case and they set the 3-technique to the formation-side, run Midline White.

Trips Right, Midline White Right Quarterback gives the ball to the B-Back unless the 3-technique cancels the B-Back. If so, the Quarterback replaces the 3-technique and scores.

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