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Executing the Triple Option Offense Without Huddling

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The No-Huddle Procedure to Execute the Triple Option Offense

You don’t need to huddle in order to successfully run the Triple Option Offense.

Read here how to run the Triple Option Offense without ever huddling.

No-Huddle Triple Option Offenses Don’t Have to be Fast

Just because a Triple Option Offense utilizes a no-huddle system should not lead to the perception that they are moving fast.

All this means is that they are signaling in the play.

This is compared to getting 11 football players together in a group and sending someone in with the play.

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Running the No-Huddle Triple Option Offense

All the major Division-1 Triple Option schools are huddling less every year.

There are many reasons why.

Tempo is one of the reasons.

Not having to huddle during practice is another–this gives the offense more opportunities for more reps.

Also, not huddling is one less thing to teach.

This article shows you how to run the No-Huddle Triple Option Offense.

It’s 2016—You Don’t Need to Huddle to Run the Triple Option Anymore

In this podcast episode, Dr. Cella discusses how huddling is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  Army, Navy, and the Citadel are huddling less now than ever before.  The benefit of not huddling is that you can achieve significantly more plays run in practice.  A culture of no huddling makes for a more effective Triple Option Offense.  Dr. Cella discusses how to run a no-huddle Triple Option Offense.

The podcast can be found here.


How to Run No-Huddle Triple Option

Here’s how to run No-Huddle Triple Option.

1- Three coaches align right next to each other.  Each one is wearing a different colored shirt.

2- All three coaches signal in the formation.

3- One coach is LIVE and signals in the play.

4- One coach is DEAD and signals in two numbers.

5- One coach is DEAD and signals in two letters.

6- Players take the signal and execute the play.