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Watch the Two Halves of the Rise of Paul Johnson

Navy’s 2007 Win versus Notre Dame–Part One

Navy’s 2007 Win versus Notre Dame–Part Two



Navy Beat Notre Dame in 2016… Here’s What They Did

Navy had a great offensive performance versus Notre Dame in 2016.

Read exactly what they did right here.

Navy Beat Notre Dame in 2016… and Here’s How

Worth scores twice, Navy gets rare win vs Notre Dame, 28-27

Will Worth ran for 175 yards and two touchdowns, his ninth consecutive game with a rushing score, and Navy beat Notre Dame 28-27 Saturday in the nation’s longest-running intersectional rivalry.

Read here about the specifics of what Navy did to beat the Fighting Irish.


The Game that Changed it All–Part Two of Navy’s 2007 Win versus Notre Dame

Navy halts 43-game Notre Dame hex in 3OT

In 2007, the Midshipmen snapped an NCAA-record 43-game losing streak to the Fighting Irish on Saturday with a 46-44 victory in triple overtime.

Here is the 2nd half and Overtime of their Triple Option Offense in action.

The Game that Changed it All–Part One of Navy’s 2007 Win versus Notre Dame

In 2007, Navy defeated Notre Dame for the first time in over four decades.

The Double Flex formation was utilized throughout most of the game by Navy.

Watch the below-listed four videos to see how Navy defeated Notre Dame, and part two occurs tomorrow.

Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly Admits when Facing Navy’s Offense: “You Can’t Have All the Answers”

Brian Kelly has been humbled by Navy’s Triple Option Offense.

Before Navy’s 28-27 win over Notre Dame in 2016, Brian Kelly admits that the Triple Option is beyond difficult to stop.

Read Coach Kelly’s pre-game comments right here.

Learn about the Triple Option Football Academy right here.

Triple Option Offensive Breakdown of Navy’s 2016 Win Versus Notre Dame

Navy beat Notre Dame in 2016.

Navy has zero scholarship football players.

Notre Dame’s has 85 scholarship football players.

How does a football program with zero scholarships beat a football program with 85 scholarships?

This is very simple–with the Triple Option Offense.

The offensive breakdown of Navy’s 2016 victory over Notre Dame is found right here.


2016 Navy Triple Option Offense Breakdown versus Notre Dame

Navy defeats Notre Dame 28-27

Navy Triple Option Offense Total Plays- 65

Triple Option- 14 (22% of offense)

Midline Triple- 7 (11% of offense)

Follow- 7 (11% of offense)

Zone Option- 5 (8% of offense)

Triple Pass- 4 (6% of offense)

Rocket Toss- 4 (6% of offense)

Other Plays: Zone Option Block- 3, Midline White- 2, Midline Lead- 2, Sprint Pass- 3, Zone Dive- 3, Rocket Pass, Counter Option- 3, Outside Veer Give, Hitch, Counter Speed, Sneak, Trap, Reverse, and Rocket Option

Notes: 64% of Navy’s Triple Option Offense utilized to defeat Notre Dame was Triple Option, Midline Triple, Follow, Zone option, Triple Pass, and Rocket Toss.

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