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Triple Option Blocking v. 3-5-3

Triple Option Blocking v. 3-5-3

Triple Option Blocking v. 3-5-3 — watch this video and you’ll see what Army and Navy does with the Triple Option when faced with the 3-5-3 defense. The Underdog Offense Coach, I’m not sure how you feel at this point in the season — but if your kids haven been getting dominated up front — … Continue reading

Midline Triple versus 3-5

Learn how to run Midline Triple versus 3-5.  This situation is challenging to execute, but not impossible.  View the video — right here. Is Your Down Cycle Coming? If your Down Cycle is coming… and you’ve already said, “We’re going to be down next year”… well then, this is your, very-own Game of Thrones. You’re going … Continue reading

Executing the Triple versus Triple Stack

The Triple versus Triple Stack is a commonly-asked scenario in high school and college Triple Option football.  Learn how to execute Triple Option versus the 3-3-5/3-5-3/5-3 right here. The Academy The Academy empowers you to execute the Triple Option Offense the right way the first time.   Dr. Lou Cella installs Army and Navy’s modern-day Flexbone … Continue reading