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Tim Stowers, Former Georgia Southern Head Coach, Discusses Running Triple v. 4-3

Answers to the Test on How Well You Know Paul Johnson’s Numbering System

1- Triple Option is 12/13

2- Midline Lead is 10/11 Lead

3- Zone Dive is 22/23

4- Rocket Toss is 58/59

5- Triple Pass is 312/313

6- Trap is 32/33

7- Down (Belly-G) is 44/45

8- Down Option (Belly-G Option) is 48/49

9- Counter Option is 18/19

10- Rocket Pass is 358/359

Test on How Well You Know Paul Johnson’s Numbering System

I’ve posted Coach Johnson’s numbering system on this site many years ago and have reposted it ever since. Now, I want to see how well you know the numbers he utilizes for the major important concepts. I’ll post the answers at noon today. Here we go.

Example- Zone Option is 26/27

1- Triple Option

2- Midline Lead

3- Zone Dive

4- Rocket Toss

5- Triple Pass

6- Trap

7- Down (Belly-G)

8- Down Option (Belly-G Option)

9- Counter Option

10- Rocket Pass

Answers will be posted later.

Paul Johnson’s Numbering System

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

In the Paul Johnson system, plays are numbered as the following:

10/11 Midline Triple Option

12/13 Triple Option

16/17 Counter Speed Option

18/19 Counter Option

22/23 Zone Dive

26/27 Zone Option

28/29 Double Option

32/33 Trap

44/45 Down

48/49 Down Option

58/59 Rocket Toss

60/70 Dropback Pass

312/313 Triple Pass

358/359 Rocket Pass

360/370 Dropback Pass with Hot Route off Mike

512/513 Triple Pass Out

560/570 Dropback Pass with Hot Route off Overhang

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Why Block Defensive Linemen?

For 55 years, the Triple Option Offense has proven that you can win big without blocking Defensive Linemen.

Army finished #19 in the country last year… with no athletic scholarship football players. They run the Flexbone Triple Option.

Navy has been to bowl games 14 out of 16 years… with no athletic scholarship football players. They’ve run the Flexbone Triple Option in all 16 years.

Kennesaw State finished #4 in the FBS (1-AA) last year… and they’ve only had football for four years. They’ve been Flexbone Triple Option since day 1.

Lenoir-Rhyne went from 3-7 (2017) to 12-2 (2018) in Division-2 after installing the Flexbone Triple Option… biggest Division-2 turnaround in the country last year.

When you run the Flexbone Triple Option Offense, you make Defensive Linemen INVISIBLE.

If you want to learn how to do this the right way the first time, connect with Dr. Cella at 570.332.0265.

How Do You Refer to the Offense–Is it Flexbone, Triple Option, Veer, or Something Else?

The offense is called a lot of things… feel free to comment on Facebook and Twitter  if you call the offense something other than Flexbone, Triple Option, or Veer.  The poll will be up for a week.