Triple Option Football Academy Online Classroom

Learn the 12-step process on how to install the Navy/Georgia Tech Triple Option Offense.  This process has the precise methodology on how to install the Triple Option Offense from day one of your Triple Option tenure through the end of your season.

h1a1_k_ins_6_13_mark_and_student“The biggest thing for us is that it gave our kids the opportunity to work together in our offensive system before the season started–the techniques and fundamentals they learned was so big, so was the team bonding, and so was having an outside source (Lou Cella) teaching them–this was invaluable.”

-Mark Kirchhoff, Falls City (TX) Head Coach, who scored 680 points in 15 games, won their first regional championship in school history, and won their first state championship in school history after their camp with Dr. Cella.