Tyrone (OK)

In 2019, Tyrone (OK) finished 5-5.

In 2020, after running their Triple Option Football Academy Camp with Dr. Cella, Tyrone (OK) won the Oklahoma Class C State Championship while scoring 668 points in 13 games (51 points/game).

“In 2019 we missed the playoffs finishing 5-5 after reaching the semi finals in 2016 & 2017 and the quarterfinals in 2018. We were excited about the talent we had coming into 2020 but wanted an edge! Learning the triple option to add to our offensive sets was just what we needed. 

We won the regional, area and the schools first state championship in 60 years. Our team averaged 51.4 points per game and scored a total of 668 points in 13 games. 

We appreciated Dr Lou Cella’s no-nonsense approach to teaching the 8 Man triple option during our 2020 camp, and his desire to teach every kid, then let them get as many reps as possible with their new skills. The camp was organized and an overall quality event.”

Josh Bell– Head Football Coach