After 20 Years of Running Midline, Dr. Cella Discusses How to Make Midline Work

In this podcast episode, Dr. Cella discusses how to make the Midline Option work.  After 20 years of coaching the Midline Option, Dr. Cella provides the facts on the Midline.  Dr. Cella discusses how Midline is declining in usage by both Navy and Georgia Tech and that other concepts serve better purposes to get specific results.  Utilizing Midline requires cooperation by the defense both in pre-snap alignment and post-snap assignment.  Dr. Cella provides the truth about Midline and all the Midline variations, and that if you are going to run it, how to make the Midline work.

The podcast can be found right here.

Midline Lead v. 4-4 1. Playside Receiver- Safety 2. Playside A/Tackle- Trey 3. Playside Guard- Veer 4- Center/Backside Guard- Reverse Ace 5. Backside Tackle- Scoop 6. Backside A- Lead 7. Backside Receiver- Cutoff 8. Quarterback- Mid Steps 9. B- Mid Path