Navy’s First Touchdown of the 2016 Season: Double Flex, Zone Option Right versus 4-4 Defense

Triple Option Football Academy

On the first offensive play from scrimmage in 2016, Navy scored a touchdown. 

They scored on Double Flex, Zone Option Right.  

Navy calls this Double Flex, 26.DOUBLE FLEX ZONE OPTION RIGHT V 4-4

When Navy gets into Double Flex, they Trey (Tackle/Receiver) double team on Zone Option.

The Playside Guard has the B-gap.  He would have the Mike on the run-through otherwise he works vertically to the Will.  The Center has the A-gap.  After he snaps the ball, he must get his head to the playside of the shade.  The backside Guard and Tackle scoop.  They must cancel the adjacent playside gap.  The Backside A-Back has the pitch, and the Backside Receiver cuts off.

On the two-way option, the Quarterback opens, runs 90 degrees and once he gets to the double team, he turns up and scores.  If #2 steps at him he would parallel pitch the ball to the Backside A-Back.  On this play, Tago…

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