The Six Areas Most Commonly Overcoached on the Triple Option

Triple Option Football Academy

All Triple Option techniques are VERY important… it’s the manner in how others teach these that lead to too much information by coaches. Coaches worry and tend to overcoach certain aspects of the Triple Option.  

These are the six areas are the most commonly overcoached on the Triple Option:

1- Quarterback/B-Back exchange.All the Quarterback has to do is the following: Take the snap, seat the ball, hop into the playside A-gap, point the ball, give the ball to the B, unless #1 tackles the B… if so, reseat the ball, step with playside foot, replace #1, and score.  This week’s article in gave a detailed description of this.  Honestly, it doesn’t take that much work.  Ask the clients with whom Dr. Cella has worked.

2- Quarterback Reading the Stack.The Quarterback follows the same steps above except he reads from the top-down (#2 to #1).  Everything else…

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