Five Errors in Triple Option Football Teaching Methods

Triple Option Football Academy

There are five errors in teaching the Triple Option:

1- Failure to maximize time.  

There must be multiple drills to keep the high-arousal teenage athlete stimulated.  Practice Triple Option versus multiple situations and stick to the time schedule.

2- Explain the purpose of all new drills during meetings.  

Triple Option players must know why and how these techniques will make them play so much better.

3- Coach within the Triple Option PROCESS

Triple Option players must learn stance THEN how to technique their assignment.  Never assume they know everything.  Teach all techniques up from the ground.

4- Too much verbal instruction on the field.

This is the purpose of meetingS.  They need to work on their Triple Option techniques versus multiple situations.  How much the coach knows is not important–how much the player knows is.

5- Too much practice.

Better to have a team eager to play rather…

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