Triple Option Coaching: Pre-Snap Identification

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Triple Option Coaching: Pre-Snap Identification

triple drill

#1=Read Key– First man in a 4i out on the line of scrimmage; playside tackle makes a call to distinguish between a 3 and a 4i.

#2=Pitch Key- Next man out from #1; will be the linebacker if playside tackle makes an “outside” call.

#3=Support Player- A-back is responsible for blocking; run “Load” if #3 if aligned inside the playside tackle box.

NDD=Near Deep Defender- Secondary player blocked/cancelled by the wide receiver; aligned seven yards deep near the sideline—this is not considered a part of the count.

The quarterback must do the following:

1. Come to the line of scrimmage expecting a different front from the previous snap and use the simplicity of our count system to assist you.  As he sets, your tackle will make a technique call to help you with the identification of #1 and make an “inside” or “outside” call to…

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