Here’s What the Navy Offense Has Done over the Last Two Games

The Navy Offense has run 123 plays run in last two games.

These five concepts are 54% of Navy’s 2017 Offense: Midline Triple– 20 (16% of offense); Zone Option– 19 (15% of offense); Triple Pass– 11 (9% of offense); Triple Option– 9 (7% of offense); Follow– 8 (7% of offense)

Triple Option(s) make up 23% of Navy’s Offense.  This has been consistent over the last 10 years.  The current difference is that Midline Triple (Zoom) has been utilized more.  At the 2017 AFCA Convention, Navy Run Game Coordinator, Ashley Ingram, stated that Midline Triple is utilized more against defenses who align with 0 techniques.  In the first two games, Navy has faced mostly 0-technique defensive alignments.

Here is the other 46%: 

Midline White- 6

Zone Dive- 6

Trap- 5

Down Pass- 4

Midline Lead- 4

Rocket- 4

Zone Option Block- 3

B-Toss- 3

Rocket Option- 3

Speed/Counterspeed- 3

Rocket Boot Pass- 3

Sprint Pass- 2

B-Toss Pass- 2

Down- 2

Hitch- 2

Sneak- 1

QB Draw- 1

B-Toss Reverse- 1

B-Screen- 1