A Breakdown of the Best Army Football Team in the Last 23 Seasons

Here is what they have done through their first 11 games (9-2):

  • They average 67 rushing attempts/game (#1 in FBS) and they average 307 rushing yards/game (#2 in FBS).
  • Army’s runs the football 89% of the time and 78% of their offense comes from running the football (#1 in the FBS for both).
  • When Army does throw the football, they average 21 yards/completion (#2 in FBS).
  • Army has the second-least number of giveaways in the FBS (0.6/game).
  • They average possessing the football 40 minutes/game, which is, by far, the best in the FBS (by nearly five minutes).
  • Army is #2 in third-down conversion percentage (53%) and #1 in fourth-down conversion percentage (91%).  The second-highest fourth down conversion percentage team is at 75%.
  • Their top four concepts of 2018 are the following: Zone Option, Zone Dive, Zone Belly, and Triple Option.
  • Army is currently ranked #23 in the FBS by the Associated Press.  The last time Army was ranked was 1996.
  • Army does not have any player on athletic scholarship.