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He Installed the Triple Option and Here’s What Happened

Step 1- Torrey Nowell contacted me after winning two games in 2016 at Pamlico County (NC). He asked me to come down and run a Triple Option Football Academy Camp with his football team in May 2017.

Step 2- I go to the camp and he has 16 players (only 5 Offensive Linemen) and he was the only coach. His Offensive Line was literally the poorest Offensive Line I’ve worked with at any of my camps since 2011. They couldn’t get out of their own way or get into anybody else’s way either.

Step 3- Torrey works all summer making sure his players can execute the Triple Option, Zone Option, and Rocket Toss.

Step 4- He finds a couple of adults to help him coach.

Step 5- Pamlico County goes from 2 wins to 9 wins and the North Carolina State Quarterfinals.

Step 6- This year (2018), Pamlico goes to the North Carolina Class 1A State Championship Game and finishes with a record of 13-2.

Step 7- Four days later (today), Torrey Nowell becomes the Head Football Coach at New Bern High School, a 4A school just minutes from his house (by the way, his house was flooded during the season, and he is currently living in a nearby one-bedroom condominium with his wife).

To God be the glory, and congrats Torrey! –Dr. Cella