The Updated If-Then Myth

In 2008, I wrote an article about what to do if certain defenders were stopping the Triple Option and the compliments with which to utilize when a certain player thwarted the Triple Option.

In 2014, one of my clients handed me an “if-then” sheet that was so extensive that no human with under a 200 IQ could ever interpret what was listed.

BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOP YOURSELF ON THE INTERNET.  Most Triple Option discussion is theory and not backed by quantitative data analysis.

As a Sport and Performance Psychologist, everything that is instructed to my readers is backed by data analysis.

Here is the “if-then” that Navy and Army utilize (as backed by 2015 data analysis found here):

1- Both Army and Navy run Triple Option.

2- “If” #1 takes the B-Back, “then” they block #1 with somebody and give the ball to the B-Back (Zone Dive, Belly, Outside Veer Give).

3- “If” #1 does not take the B-Back, “then” they look to get the ball outside to avoid being boxed in.  Army and Navy prefer to run Zone Option and then Toss the ball.

4- “If” the Safety or Corner fly upward at the snap, “then” both teams fake the Triple and throw the ball over the Safety or Corner’s heads.

Other than Navy running the Zone Option, this “if-then” has not changed since Paul Johnson was at Navy in 2007.

That’s as simple as it gets.  Any questions?  Contact 570.332.0265.