Lenoir-Rhyne’s Balanced Triple Option Attack is 9-0

triple option attack

Lenoir Rhyne is 9-0.  Their balanced Triple Option attack is the reason why.  See how they are balanced right here. The Academy The Academy empowers you to execute the Triple Option Offense the right way the first time.   Dr. Lou Cella installs Army and Navy’s modern-day Flexbone Triple Option Offense with you and your staff. … Read moreLenoir-Rhyne’s Balanced Triple Option Attack is 9-0

Get Good Fast in 2020

Get good fast in 2020

Navy, Kennesaw State, and Lenoir-Rhyne are Flexbone Triple Option football programs.  Navy doesn’t give any athletic scholarships.  Kennesaw has only played five seasons of varsity football.  Lenoir-Rhyne was 3-7 two years ago and running the Spread. If they ran a traditional offense, they couldn’t block the Defensive Linemen they’d face. Fortunately they don’t, and because of … Read moreGet Good Fast in 2020

Flexbone Dominance through 10/19/19

flexbone dominance

The Flexbone dominance at the FBS, FCS, and Division-2 level continues. In the FBS… Navy is 5-1. The head coach, offensive coordinator, and most of the offensive staff worked under Paul Johnson. In the FCS… Kennesaw State is 6-1 and 37-8 in the last four years (they’ve had varsity football for five seasons). Their head … Read moreFlexbone Dominance through 10/19/19

The Under-Center Triple Option Offense is Back at Georgia Southern

After a few years running a shotgun offense, Georgia Southern is back under center and running the Triple Option Offense. Georgia Southern hired Bryan Cook away from Georgia Tech to reinstall the Under-Center Triple Option Offense. In addition, the Eagles hired Bob Bodine, a Triple Option coaching mainstay, away from Army to be the one of … Read moreThe Under-Center Triple Option Offense is Back at Georgia Southern