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Brent Davis’ Offensive Line Drills from Georgia Southern

Army Offensive Coordinator, Brent Davis was at Georgia Southern prior to his arrival at West Point.

Here are Brent Davis’ Offensive Line drills from his days at Georgia Southern:


Army West Point’s Top Three Concepts Through October 14, 2017

In 2017, Triple Option is the most utilized concept as Army West Point has executed the Triple 67 times.

Zone Option, which is utilized when the defense forces a give read, has been executed 49 times.

Zone Dive, which is utilized when the defense forces a pull read, has been executed 49 times.

These three concepts are driving the Army Offense, which becomes bowl eligible with a victory over Temple tomorrow.

2017 Army West Point Triple Option Breakdown vs. Fordham

Army: 513 yards, no completions in opening win

Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for two touchdowns and gained 128 of his 177 yards in the first half as Army crushed Fordham 64-6 in the opener for both teams Friday night (9/1/17).

Army Offense Total Plays- 49
Zone Belly- 12 (24% of offense)
Belly Option- 7 (14% of offense)
Triple Option- 6 (12% of offense)
Midline Lead- 4 (8% of offense)
Rocket- 4 (8% of offense)
Zone Option- 4 (8% of offense)
Other Plays Run
Trap- 3; Zone Dive- 3; Sneak- 2; Belly Pass- 2; Counter Option- 1; Down- 1
Quick Facts
  • 3/4 of Army’s Offense was Zone Belly, Belly Option, Triple Option, Midline Lead, Rocket, Zone Option, and Heavy Down (Belly-G).
  • 40% of Army’s Offense was a Belly Variation (Zone Belly, Belly Option, Down).
  • Army did not complete one pass the entire game, and Army average 11 yards/run on 47 attempts.

Army Runs an Under-Center, Double Option RPO–Here’s How They Do It

Army West Point Football has demonstrated how to run an Under-Center RPO.

They have three different places where they can go with the ball.

The first option is vertical, the second option is off-tackle, and the third option is on the perimeter.

Read how they do this right here.

Install the Army-Navy/Georgia Tech Triple Option Offense the right way the first time right here.

Executing the Zone Option RPO

Army ran the Zone Option RPO in the 2016 Spring Game.

The Quarterback throws the ball to the Wide Receiver unless the corner bails.

If the Corner bails, the Quarterback runs the two-way option versus #2.

This concept is another variation of the Triple Option; however, this variation involved a pass (versus the corner) and a run (versus #2).

The below-listed article shows you how the Zone Option RPO works.

Executing the Zone Option RPO.