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Ways to Constrain the Linebackers and Defensive Backs with Multiple Triple Pass Variations



How to Constrain the Overactive Corner

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Running Playaction off the Rocket Toss

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Georgia Tech Assistant Coach Mike Sewak on Playaction Passing

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Navy’s 2016 Passing Game

Thanks to my client, Alan Short, Head Football Coach at Lawrence County High School (KY), for providing this information.

Ashley Ingram, Run Game Coordinator/Centers-Guards Coach at Navy provided information yesterday (1/11/17) at the AFCA Convention in Nashville.

Navy’s 2016 Pass Offense consisted of the following:

Playaction- 109 plays (51% of Navy’s 2016 Pass Offense)

Sprint Out- 43 plays (20% of Navy’s 2016 Pass Offense)

Dropback- 30 plays (14% of Navy’s 2016 Pass Offense)

Boots- 16 plays (8% of Navy’s 2016 Pass Offense)

Quick game- 14 plays (7% of Navy’s 2016 Pass Offense)

Completion percentage- 59%

Yards per catch- 19.3

Yards per game- 128

Throwing Off the Triple Option: Drilling Offensive Line Pass Protection

This diagram demonstrates how to drill Offensive Line pass protection when Triple Pass is called.